Camp out info and Thursday’s trail

Where: 46468 River Road Hammond, LA 70401 Time: 12pm Friday, March 30th. Questions: or Feel free to call me anytime. If you need my number, ask Bama of ECH3. She gives it out anytime someone says they like anal. My phone gets turned off at 6pm on Friday though! What to Bring: Tent, bug spray, towel, clothes line, camping shit, etc….Extra alcohol. (Tequila and gin tend to make people’s clothes fall off.) Why extra Alcohol?: Because no one has ever said, “Oh my God what are we going to do with all of this extra alcohol?” or “We had … Continue ReadingCamp out info and Thursday’s trail

A Strong message is being sent via Butt Sex

Last Night I always like it when Dicks a Flava and Fried Chicken Snatch hare. The trails usually end up being pretty damn good, even if they do pre-lay parts of it. But for the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s Noodly Appendages’ sake. Can you fucking please stop putting circle on the front lawn of million dollar homes???? The garden police get called every gorram time. Just fucking stop it. Next person to do it will feel the wrath of Butt Sex and I will make sure it hurts for you to sit down for a fucking week. Next week’s trail OK, … Continue ReadingA Strong message is being sent via Butt Sex

Camp out Registration 2012

I would say this is the best time you can have while standing up, but chances are you’ll be spending some of it on your back. For those who haven’t been to the Voodoo campout before, this is 3 days and 2 nights of secluded hashing in the woods. There is beer, nudity, hashing, beer, drinking games, food, hashers cumming from all over the Gulf coast, beer, gimmies, and beer. For more information, well what happens at campout stays at campout. You’ll need to find some harrier or harrierette who’s been before; get them drunk; and/or tease them sexually so … Continue ReadingCamp out Registration 2012

Hash Trash – Laser Tag

Laser tag was full of shenanigans, and if you wanked out on this one, well, fuck you. Our defacto RA for the night, Just Terry (who admitted his nickname was Tea Bag), was pretty awesome at letting us break most of the rules of laser tag: No Climbing No running No foul language No hitting No Butt Sex Red Team basically dominated the shit out of Blue Team all night. If you were on blue team, you suck almost as much as blue balls. Then we made a switch to free-for-all. Every hasher for himself. Which was fun once everyone … Continue ReadingHash Trash – Laser Tag

#230 – Let’s party like it’s 2012

As everyone knows, the Mayans were magical and shit. They were basically a bunch of fucking gypsy fortune tellers. According to these ass-wipes the world will end in 2012. So show up this week like you got everything to lose, because you have less than a year left to do everything on your bucket list! Run up those credit cards by buying me expensive, never ending, hash beer! Run because you don’t want your corpse to look like shit in 2013! Sing a high note just because your fellow hashers want to see you “O” face. If you thought hurricane … Continue Reading#230 – Let’s party like it’s 2012