Camp out Registration 2012

I would say this is the best time you can have while standing up, but chances are you’ll be spending some of it on your back. For those who haven’t been to the Voodoo campout before, this is 3 days and 2 nights of secluded hashing in the woods. There is beer, nudity, hashing, beer, drinking games, food, hashers cumming from all over the Gulf coast, beer, gimmies, and beer. For more information, well what happens at campout stays at campout. You’ll need to find some harrier or harrierette who’s been before; get them drunk; and/or tease them sexually so that they will spill the beans of yesteryear’s antics.

New to this year: We’re adding a tippy cup tournament Friday night! All you fucking kickballers are going to be on different teams so wipe that smirk off of you face right now!

Sign up onlineRegistration Form – Offline Registration
ItineraryCamp out rules
Frequently asked QuestionsOlympic and Flip cup teams – Sign up today!

Important Shit to know
We are capping the camp out at 100 people. Sign up in time you fucking wankers!
The last day to sign up is March 16th or 100 regos, whichever cums first.
We are not selling single day regos. It’s the entire weekend or nothing.

Cost: $69 until February 16th. Starting February 17th the price is $79. Regos officially close March 16th.
You can pay using cash or paypal. Personal checks need to be made out to cash.
When: Friday, March 30th – Sunday, April 1st
Where: Same place as last year. The renaissance festival grounds in Hammond, LA.

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