A Strong message is being sent via Butt Sex

Last Night I always like it when Dicks a Flava and Fried Chicken Snatch hare. The trails usually end up being pretty damn good, even if they do pre-lay parts of it. But for the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s Noodly Appendages’ sake. Can you fucking please stop putting circle on the front lawn of million dollar homes???? The garden police get called every gorram time. Just fucking stop it. Next person to do it will feel the wrath of Butt Sex and I will make sure it hurts for you to sit down for a fucking week. Next week’s trail OK, … Continue ReadingA Strong message is being sent via Butt Sex

Hash Trash for #230 – now DOUBLE your pleasure!

Turns out Just Rachel AND myself both wrote hash trashes for last night’s trail. Great minds drink– I mean, think alike! Just Rachel was evidently far more sober than I was when writing mine. Read ’em and weep! ————————————– Happy New Year! You have a clean slate to sully up for 2012, so gear up hashers, since we have a full year of tampons-up-the-butt ahead of us. First off, Jizz Rag is a terrible pace booty. White Girl Wasted fell on her booty 3 minutes into this trail. Everything Butt Sex and Jefferson Starfish laid some terrible trail all along … Continue ReadingHash Trash for #230 – now DOUBLE your pleasure!

Hash Trash – Laser Tag

Laser tag was full of shenanigans, and if you wanked out on this one, well, fuck you. Our defacto RA for the night, Just Terry (who admitted his nickname was Tea Bag), was pretty awesome at letting us break most of the rules of laser tag: No Climbing No running No foul language No hitting No Butt Sex Red Team basically dominated the shit out of Blue Team all night. If you were on blue team, you suck almost as much as blue balls. Then we made a switch to free-for-all. Every hasher for himself. Which was fun once everyone … Continue ReadingHash Trash – Laser Tag

IAH Hash Trash

If you missed InterAmericas, you missed a great time, including some things like: – 1300 something hashers (of the 1500 originally rego’d), thus far the biggest IAH yet! The male/female ratio was about even, and over 50% were hashers above the age of 50. You’re never too old to hash! – 200 kegs PLUS 100 something additional cases of beer (and I heard most of it was left un-drank! Slackers!) – 20 different trails to choose from – Opening/closing ceremonies and nightly debauchery on the field of Grayson Stadium – Dinner at the stadium, including BBQ and a low country … Continue ReadingIAH Hash Trash

It’s October! Halloween is just one thing on the list

Thanks for a great hash last Thursday. All the north shore virgins are going back to their soccer mom lives forever changed. They have already figured out a rotating carpool schedule, and posted it on their refridgerators. A special shout out goes out to Atomic Dyke from Baton Rouge, for letting us see her goods and letting our visitors from the North Atlantic demonstrate a number 62 on her. One thing I noticed is Voodoo doesn’t have a walking trail, but multiple over achievers showed up in walking cast. Apparently, one too many people are strapping themselves into the sex … Continue ReadingIt’s October! Halloween is just one thing on the list