A Kennel is Born

The Voodoo Hash was conceived right before Halloween 2007 at the Balcony Bar on Magazine– somehow quite fitting. Since it was a drunken orgy of hashers (pretty standard fare), nobody is sure whose DNA got combined. Those present were: Dock Cousteau, ASD, Dental Dam-zel, Tighty Whitey, Re-Leash Me, Tidy Bowl Man, Takes It in the Face, PS Knave, Spread ‘Em and Chicken Pot Guy.  Looking at the Voodoo now, it looks like it got a little bit of everyone… That’s one ugly kid.

Dock came up with the “bring a buck and a six-pack” idea, and as far as we know, we’re the only hash in the UNIVERSE that does this.  The Voo do(o) it like nobody else!

The Voodoo was officially born on Thanksgiving night 2007; trail #1 was hared by Vagina Miner, and the pack included Dock Cousteau, Dental Dam-zel, Tidy Bowl Man, Bend Over Rover and Blow My Banana Bitch. This hash was in Old Jefferson and we ended at the river with the usual assortment of bottled beer and one big ol’ Heineken mini-keg (whose shell was given to Banana Bitch for being an overall silly jackass). These inaugural wankers were presented with ceremonial turkey bones, engraved (using Dental’s tooth drills) with the hashers’ names and date.

Icon candles as drinking vessels were first presented to Voodoo Hashers with 10 runs at the Stations of the Hash- held on Hash Wednesday (okay, it was Thursday), the second day of Lent (or 2 days after Mardi Gras). Hared by the “iconic” Dental Dam-zel and Haf-Wax, the trail began at St. Alphonse’s and St. Mary’s on Constance and Felicity. Receiving candles that night were: the hares, Dock Cousteau, Re-Leash Me, Tighty Whitey, Tidy Bowl Man, Daddy’s Dick, Cockwork Orange, Bend Over Rover, Show Me Your Posse and Tighter Twat. Doc and Dental, who instilled much of Voodoo’s now ancient traditions, have moved out to Okinawa and have a little hasher of their own.

To make a short story long, we are still here today– and now Thursday night trails on average attract anywhere from 15 to 50 people, depending on the season. We still present awards to hashers who have cum with us 10 times, and we make necklaces for those fortunate enough to be named by Voodoo. We also have a number of other goodies that you can earn by cumming more, including a gris-gris of your very own.

In addition to our weekly trails, we have a Voodoo hash campout (usually in the spring), a Red Skirt Run which coordinates with NOLA Red Dress Run (2nd week of August), Black Dress Run (November 1st), and other events throughout the year.