The hash is a drinking club with a running problem, so feel free to drink and run. However, we do not support drinking and driving so have a designated driver, call a cab or plan ahead to get home safely if you have been drinking - there are more fun ways to get to play with handcuffs. We hash EVERY Thursday night at 7, rain or shine, CST or CDT. So bring a dollar and a six-pack of beer, and join us for the fun!

Make sure to also bring a whistle, a flashlight (it helps), and a sense of humor. For slightly more info, read about the VooDoo.

Chalk Talk

If you wanna hash, there are a few symbols you need to know.

Chalk Symbols (Dots) Dots: You’re on trail. 3 in a row, and you’re on True Trail (True Trail) – unless you’re on a false trail!
Chalk Symbols (False Trail) False Trail: You’re at the end of a false trail. Go back to the last check.
Chalk Symbols (Check) Check: From here, the trail can go in 369° – don’t just stand there, go find TT! 3 dots after the check = TT
Chalk Symbols (Whichy Way) Whichy Way: Trail continues in one of the arrow directions. 1st dot after = On Trail.
Chalk Symbols (Arrow) Arrow: Directional guide, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re on TT.
Chalk Symbols (True Trail) True Trail: You’re on trail! Follow the arrow!
Chalk Symbols (Beer Near) Beer Near: One of our favorite marks. You’re coming up on a beer stop!
Chalk Symbols (On In) On-In: Congrats, you’re at the end of the trail! Drink Up!

We often have “extra credit” symbols that may be used at the hare’s discretion; those will be explained before we start the hash.

The most important thing to remember is the hares are known to lie a little (in some cases, a lot).

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