San Fermin in Nueva Orleans 2012

It’s New Orleans Running of the Bulls! SATURDAY, July 14th 2012 Party start at 8am at the Sugar Mill, but if you want to start earlier! This concerns all of you. RUNNING OF THE BULLS. early morning Saturday. I announced this at circle but I can only presume you were not listening. If your an uptown wanker or care to be one, we are starting the party at our house at 6th and Baronne. I will be awake and ready at 5AM. Congregate here no later than 5:30. Drunks are off at 5:45!!!! We will begin drinking our way to … Continue ReadingSan Fermin in Nueva Orleans 2012

and It’s Growing, It’s Growing, It’s Growing!

Alright kids, We need to take a moment with Butt Sex. We’ve gotten huge. Which is awesome, but it also brings new complications. First, We’ve become way too dependent on the Voodoo Facebook Group. It’s been really convenient to reach out to people. Feel free to join up. Almost every day someone is inviting everyone out to a bar, restaurant, or event in the city. If you are looking to hang out with those awesome people you met on Thursday during other random nights, join this group to find us. However, because VooDoo is such a loving and social group, … Continue Readingand It’s Growing, It’s Growing, It’s Growing!

A Strong message is being sent via Butt Sex

Last Night I always like it when Dicks a Flava and Fried Chicken Snatch hare. The trails usually end up being pretty damn good, even if they do pre-lay parts of it. But for the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s Noodly Appendages’ sake. Can you fucking please stop putting circle on the front lawn of million dollar homes???? The garden police get called every gorram time. Just fucking stop it. Next person to do it will feel the wrath of Butt Sex and I will make sure it hurts for you to sit down for a fucking week. Next week’s trail OK, … Continue ReadingA Strong message is being sent via Butt Sex

It’s October! Halloween is just one thing on the list

Thanks for a great hash last Thursday. All the north shore virgins are going back to their soccer mom lives forever changed. They have already figured out a rotating carpool schedule, and posted it on their refridgerators. A special shout out goes out to Atomic Dyke from Baton Rouge, for letting us see her goods and letting our visitors from the North Atlantic demonstrate a number 62 on her. One thing I noticed is Voodoo doesn’t have a walking trail, but multiple over achievers showed up in walking cast. Apparently, one too many people are strapping themselves into the sex … Continue ReadingIt’s October! Halloween is just one thing on the list