The hash is a drinking club with a running problem, so feel free to drink and run. However, we do not support drinking and driving so have a designated driver, call a cab or plan ahead to get home safely if you have been drinking - there are more fun ways to get to play with handcuffs. We hash EVERY Thursday night at 7, rain or shine, CST or CDT. So bring a dollar and a six-pack of beer, and join us for the fun!

Make sure to also bring a whistle, a flashlight (it helps), and a sense of humor. For slightly more info, read about the VooDoo.

Trail #609 – “Art For Art’s Mistake” – Scuba Steve & Pop-Her Smurf

What is art?  Was the guy who painted Blue Dog a genius or a hack?  Get as existential as you want while we tour some galleries, create pop-up art and provide you with an expression of the soul after a few shot checks. Bring: $1 (no coins); 6-pack (glass discouraged), whistle, flashlight Date: Thursday, June 21, 2017 […]

Trail #608 – “7th Anal German Sparkle Party” – ReTARDIS, Conjugal Visitor, Q.E. Oui Oui, and Assault & Batteries

Do you like to pah-ty pah-ty? Do you have your rubber boots and pah-ty pants? Jah?! Zen get ready! It’s dat time of year again! Spah-kle Pah-ty, Spah-kle Pah-ty! AS ALWAYS:  BY SHOWING UP TO THIS TRAIL YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU WILL BE GLITTER BOMBED. Seriously, it’s not just a possibility, that is a guarantee. ​ […]

Trail #607 – “6th Anal Life Aquatic Hash” – Pussy Whisker, Q.E. Oui Oui, Cockness Monster, Cummuter, Petrified Wood, and Shitler’s List

WE WANT YOU to join team zissou!  Bring your interns and sense of underwater adventure on the 6th anal Life Aquatic Pussy Whisker Hash. Pussy Whisker is going on an overnight drunk. Anyone who would care to join me is welcome. We will hunt the elusive leopard shark.. but we won’t  kill it. We will work through our daddy […]

Trail #601 – “I Live Here Now!” – Tits Don’t Fit

I am SO sick of f*ckers bein’ like, oh did you move back? That’s so great… no? But you were gone for so long. But I thought you bought a house in Atlanta? Don’t you live with your boyfriend in GA? I heard the tax incentives left Louisiana. Where do you stay when you’re in […]

Trail #599.2 – “Pied Piper Hash” – Scouts On Her & special guests

Bring: $1 (no coins); 6 pack (glass discouraged), whistle, flashlight Date: Thursday, May 24, 2018 Time: 6:30PM show, 7:00PM GO! Theme: Pied Piper Hash / Hash #300X2 – or 599.2 Start Address: N Diamond St. and Tchoupitoulas St., NOLA 70130 (in the creepy strip of “park” between Cochon and Ugly Dog) Hares & Co-hares: Scouts On Her and special guests Beer Hare: Scouts […]