Are you tired of getting called out in circle for not having hash attire? Do your friends no longer want to run with you because that one shirt you’ve been wearing every week for six years is starting to smell a little bit funky? Not to worry! There are plenty of ways to get yourself some haberdashery and join the sleekest, sexiest kennel north of the Mississippi.

Haberdashers: Whordini & Tits Don’t Fit can be found at most trails.

They takes your monies and gives you swag! They accept cash (hookers & blow) or paypal: voodoocash1@gmail.com. Please send as “paying for item”, include your hash name, items purchased, and the trail date when you purchased said item/s.

So YOU CAN’T CUM but you want our stuff:

Click our google form to order hab online! – https://forms.gle/WPb23mwTDBf8ZU728

We will email you an invoice which includes shipping costs for anywhere in the continental USA. Please allow 5-7 days for us to send you a tracking number. We are beer soaked half-minds after all. Also check your spam for voodoohab@gmail.com if you do not receive a confirmation email.


Voodoo Red Skirt ’21 Tank -l-l->

“Beer $$” Running Pouch here -l-l->


If you’re h*ading down for one of our trails and want to pre-order hab for pick-up, please complete the above form and let us know the anticipated trail date. We will email you confirming the order and exclude shipping costs. We will hold onto your items until your arrival and bring them to start. We do not accept preorders more than 4 months in advance.

Check out our gallery below to see sexy available Voodoo Hab. Availability of Hashers pictured is TBD.

If you’re new to the hash, here’s some info about our more unusual items.

Shiggy socks: If you run in shorts, you definitely want these high socks that protect your legs when you’re on a shiggy trail (any trail that leaves the asphalt. Think thorns, thickets, mud, swamp, rusty police baracades…or just high grass.) If a trail is going to be shiggy it should be mentioned in the trail description on the website.

Beads: When you’ve been hashing with VooDoo for awhile, you might be given a hash name. Most named hashers wear necklaces displaying their names. You can add Voodoo beads to your necklace as a shout-out to your home kennel.

Patches: There are several types of patches. Most kennels have patches that you can buy. Voodoo has at least three! You may also get commemorative patches at special events or trails. Some hashers have their own patches which they’ll give you if you complete their patch challenge, or if they just like you.

Happi coats: Happi coats are garments on which to display all the patches you’ve collected, and to keep you warm on those cold Louisiana nights. You can purchase a kennel-specific coat or make your own out of whatever you like. Don’t feel like you need to get a happi coat as soon as you start hashing; people typically wait until they’ve collected a good number of patches.

Kilts: Lots of hashers like to wear kilts. We don’t typically sell them, but you can purchase the Hash House Harriers’ registered tartans at https://sportkilt.com/index.php?p=view_category&search_text=hash.