The Voodoo H3, like every good organization worth singing about, has its own theme song. Ours is to the tune of Voodoo Shoppe by New Orleans’ own Cowboy Mouth. We sing this song at the beginning of every circle.

Tips on Tchoupitoulas
Bulldog on Magazine
Lucy’s in the Warehouse
Rock n’ Bowl in Mid City
If you’re in the French Quarter or the Marigny
Way Uptown or in the CBD
Voodoo Hash, Voodoo Hash
Drinkin’ our beers with the Voodoo Hash
Voodoo Hash, Voodoo Hash
Drinkin’ our beers with the Voodoo Hash

We also end every circle with a recitation of the Benediction. It is not sung, but typically recited in a call and response format, so it should be pretty easy to pick up if you are attending hashes semi-regularly.

Our G, who’s lost on trail,
Blessed be this hash.
From flour marks, through streets and parks,
On on to here in circle.

Give us this day our down down beers,
and forgive us for trespassing,
As we accuse those that point fingers amongst us.
And lead us not into YBFs,
but deliver us to on after.

In the name of the flour, the fun, and the holy run, may the hash go in peace.

The hash has a plethora of songs, many of which are floating around ye olde interwebs. Here is a link to the most current Voodoo Hash Hymnal. This is in no way all of the songs that you could sing in circle, or that you will hear at a Voodoo trail, but is a good starting point if you would like to get more involved. Mismanagement “promises” to update the songbook “regularly,” so check back every once in a while to see what is new!