Camp out info and Thursday’s trail

Where: 46468 River Road Hammond, LA 70401
Time: 12pm Friday, March 30th.
Questions: or Feel free to call me anytime. If you need my number, ask Bama of ECH3. She gives it out anytime someone says they like anal. My phone gets turned off at 6pm on Friday though!
What to Bring: Tent, bug spray, towel, clothes line, camping shit, etc….Extra alcohol. (Tequila and gin tend to make people’s clothes fall off.)
Why extra Alcohol?: Because no one has ever said, “Oh my God what are we going to do with all of this extra alcohol?” or “We had the best time of our lives over salad!”
Whats provided: Food, water and beer is provided the entire weekend. They have showers and bathrooms on site too.
If you want to get in touch with anyone in the Voodoo:
Friday night’s theme at camp out is “Dress to impress” You finally get to wear that bride’s maid’s dress again!

R words:
There is a gate code that will be mailed out to everyone on Friday. If you break the gate, you’ll need to pay $50 to replace it. If you don’t have the code, don’t worry, it’s about a 50 yard walk to get someone who knows it.
No Pets allowed.
No cutting down trees for firewood.
No fires that aren’t in a fireplace. We can’t leave scorch marks.
You’ll need to sign a waiver for the campgrounds when you pick up your awesome gimmies.
No pictures of anyone drinking, naked, and/or playing hash games. You will be asked to leave.

I still need Voodoo Peeps to help serve food at meals.

If you want to show up early:

I’m starting the pre-lube around 2pm Thursday. We’ll be in the quarter. Call me if you want to join
Thursday’s hash is at 6:30pm Jackson Square, Chartes St. 70116 Theme is Happi Coats and Road Whore Attire.
If you can’t make the hash you can still watch us have fun at the beer near between 8:15pm-8:45pm
Bourbon Street Camera
We’ll have crash space for anyone who is in town early. Worse comes to worse you can setup your tent in Swampy and Lamb’s yard.

Lunch (12pm) at the Abita Brew House Followed by a tour of the Abita brewery 2pm
You have to pay for your own lunch, but the tour is free. If you decide to join us for lunch, we should get to the camp out site around 3:30pm.

If you want to say fuck lunch and brew tours feel free to show up at the campsite at noon.

That’s about it. Here is the Itinerary for the weekend.

on-on fuckers,
Everything Butt Sex

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