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Krewe Du Vieux Fundraiser tonight & NOH3 Christmas Party

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Pig Roast Promo Flyer. Show up. I’ve never been, but I’m sure it’s a fun. It’s a Krewe du Vieux event for Christ Sakes. Hell, think I just convinced myself to cum tonight for the first time.

NOH3 Hash Christmas Party is on Friday December 03, 2010 at 8:00pm. If you haven’t been to an NOH3 run, you should go try it out. If you’re nervous, feel free to give Butt Sex a ring and I’ll make sure they treat you right your first time. (Location/Details will be on the Calendar) It’s a formal dress event and you should bring a gift if you attend.


Everything Butt Sex

Now, a poem, from everyone’s favorite T.W.O.T.

‘Twas a freakish chilly night in the lower G
The only bumblicious babe was a harriette by the name of 8 Lays A Week
Who came late to her own hash and yet came dressed in the whole 9 yard
That outfit would’ve impressed a missing Bumbletard
Her co-hare Dickie Wongstocking, the almost forgotten prodigal son,
Chose the lame Coliseum Park where he typically starts his runs

Oh 8 Lays and Dickie, your trail appeared short and sweet
But finding trail took more of a feat
Having colored your flour bluish doesn’t show up well against the green grassy mound,
the only way to find it is if you were strolling and squinting down
We’re use to the typical YBFs and the blocks without flours
but having walkers nearly beating the runners to the On In left some feeling sour

All in all, the circle was short like TidyBowlMan, who ran that circle as fast as he can
We know that more than one hasher had pissed on trail
The only one who ‘fessed up was a lonely male
Or how a few hashers caught Dickie and beat him to the end
And how Tidy wanted to know where On In was by phoning a friend (EBS)
A bunch of accusations was made but some were mysteriously spared
At least the ones who did more downs downs were ones who hared

On the 11th of November by Audubon and more surburbia trash
It’s going to be ChoPenis’ torch and drum hash
If you forget your whistle and light device
I’m sure the drum beats and torch flames will suffice
If Cho’ or his torch doesn’t warm your appendages at the least
I’m sure fire whiskey will do more of the trick than cold fermented yeast

Your friend,

Da T.W.OT., darlin

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