Trail # 285 -The Nightmare Before Hashmas and Trust Me Extravaganza

We are welcoming all the vacationers to New Orleans in true Voodoo style. Voodoo up all your cum stained Christmas elf costume, or spend your Christmas Hot Topic gift card on a bunch of Jack Skeleton crap. Either way, we are kicking off the weekend right, with dranks and a cemetery tour. “Holy cannoli, why are they buried above ground?” Nobody knows wanker, nobody knows. FWIW: I was told by a fellow hasher last night that she loves the Voodoo, but doesn’t come out with us because we drink so much. RESPECT. Bring: $1 and a sixer, 12 if its … Continue ReadingTrail # 285 -The Nightmare Before Hashmas and Trust Me Extravaganza

#240 – St. Patty’s pre-lube

Date: Thursday, March 16, 2012 Theme: St. Patrick’s, Irish, Celtic, or just wear a damn kilt. Start: Clay Square (Corner of Annuciation and 3rd) Time: 6:30pm gather ye shamrocks, 7:00pm Erin go bragh-less Hares: Jizz Rag & Dickie Wongstockings Cost: $1 (bring bills, not your pot of gold) and a 6 pack (or more if you plan to drink more). Bring: Your filthy hasher corpse dressed in something Irish, your whistle and fleshlight, and a thirst for beer, green or otherwise. Extra credit: The Irish Channel block party will be going at 10am; pre-lube at Parasol’s whenever your ass can … Continue Reading#240 – St. Patty’s pre-lube

#228 – 8 Mile Hardcore Hash House Harriers

A message from Dickie Wong: So, it’s Christmas time in nola, no better time than the present to have a hash exchange of excess/ill fitting hash gear for the newbs that aint got shit. Eminem is so hardcore, he from 8 mile. So, in celebration of all things hardcore, we gonna make it hard for yall, so you don’t ruin your appreciation of the finer things. What I’m trying to tell you is, THERE WILL BE A TURKEY EAGLE SPLIT. Said split will either take you on a “normal” trail or on a New Orleans style ballbuster that will probably … Continue Reading#228 – 8 Mile Hardcore Hash House Harriers

Hash Poem & Upcumming events.

Krewe Du Vieux Fundraiser tonight & NOH3 Christmas Party If you aren’t on the mailing list, e-mail and ask to add your e-mail. If you don’t feel like asking, feel free to write an e-mail cursing us out and demanding that shit. Pig Roast Promo Flyer. Show up. I’ve never been, but I’m sure it’s a fun. It’s a Krewe du Vieux event for Christ Sakes. Hell, think I just convinced myself to cum tonight for the first time. NOH3 Hash Christmas Party is on Friday December 03, 2010 at 8:00pm. If you haven’t been to an NOH3 run, you … Continue ReadingHash Poem & Upcumming events.

#163-Halloween Hangover

The Dickie Wong is back in the NO! Hide your kids, hide your wife! And he’s somehow convinced yours truly to hare with him this Thursday. Dickie and I want you to break out that dirty cum stained, beer soaked costume out of your dirty clothes hamper and bring it out to Coliseum Square on Thursday for a Costume Cornucopia. I don’t know about you drunken bastards but one weekend of drunken/candy ridden revelry was definitely not enough for my costume. I mean it isn’t everyday you can wear basically nothing, throw “Sexy” in front of a noun and call … Continue Reading#163-Halloween Hangover