#382 – 6th or 7th Anal Red Skirt Run (I’ve lost count)- Everything Butt Sex, Motherload & Antaphylactic Cock

No one has ever finished a hash and said, “Oh my God, Buttsex, we have way too much beer. What are we going to do with all of this beer?” The thing you need to do for this hash is bring extra beer. Fuck the normal 6 pack bullshit. You’re pre-lubing NOH3’s Red Dress Run. You’re the first impression a lot of hashers will get when visiting New Orleans. Whatever amount of beer you were thinking of buying,  buy 3 times that amount of beer. This hash will have multiple beer stops. Rumor mill says you might even find klassy … Continue Reading#382 – 6th or 7th Anal Red Skirt Run (I’ve lost count)- Everything Butt Sex, Motherload & Antaphylactic Cock

#317 – Welcome to the Voodoo

It looks like we’ll have over 20 visitors. Bring more than the normal 6 pack. It’s gonna be a long night.  Bring on the Voodoo Spirit. We’re meeting at LOA Chuck’s Bar. We decided LOA is an upscale martini bar, and we don’t want to get the group kicked out of the hotel, the day before everyone checks in, so we’re going to Chuck’s. It’s a shit hole, and probably has the cheapest drinks in the quarter. Crack-a-toe-a and Rough MasturBeartion are haring this week. I’m told the rewards for the Front Running Bastards, custom made coozies filled with an … Continue Reading#317 – Welcome to the Voodoo

#301 – Camp out Sing Along

We’re breaking all the rules this week. It’s camp out. We’re pre-lubing. Twater Sports, Cockness Monster, and Everything Butt Sex cut the trail in half and doubled the beer! Fuck yo 6 pack and $1. You bring $10 cash, your hash mug, and your favorite hash songs! If you bring a $20 we’re keeping your change for the on-after! Bring $10 exactly, and not coins! Why? We already bought the beer! We have beer stops, we got bar stops, we got jello shot stops, we got out of town hashers looking to get laid, we got awesome drink and shot … Continue Reading#301 – Camp out Sing Along

Announcements for this weekend! Pubcrawls, and birthdays!

We’re hanging out today, for Jefferson Starfish’s birthday. Lunch at 11:30am at Rick’s Cabaret. Followed by drinks, and NOLA Brewery @ 2pm. Feel free to come join. http://www.facebook.com/events/380181285403191/ There is a Voodoo NOH3 joint hash social tonight. http://www.facebook.com/events/177120719095469/?fref=ts Sunday Brunch at Chez Doofus in honor of Chew Toy’s last day of Active Duty. This is the start of Chew Toy’s “End of the World” day of debauch. 10:00 AM 2117 Broadway Street  A block and a half South of Claiborne – look for US Flag http://www.facebook.com/events/441004812632623/ on-on, Everything Butt Sex

#279 – Neon Glow

Alright half-mind’s, bring out your glow necklaces, glow panties, glow hats, glow glasses, glow in the dark condoms, and neon sex paints. It’s a glow stick hash. We’re heading to the Westbank this week so you can be properly fucked in an uncomfortable place by Buttsex during Shower Monkey’s virgin lay. We’re meeting under the bridge, it’s getting dark early, get ready to be eye fucked by fellow hashers. If you play your cards right some harrierette will need a ride back to your place, in New Orleans! Date: Nov. 15th, 6:30 show, 7:00 pm GO! Theme: Glow Sticks, Glow in the … Continue Reading#279 – Neon Glow