Trail # 285 -The Nightmare Before Hashmas and Trust Me Extravaganza

We are welcoming all the vacationers to New Orleans in true Voodoo style. Voodoo up all your cum stained Christmas elf costume, or spend your Christmas Hot Topic gift card on a bunch of Jack Skeleton crap. Either way, we are kicking off the weekend right, with dranks and a cemetery tour. “Holy cannoli, why are they buried above ground?” Nobody knows wanker, nobody knows.
FWIW: I was told by a fellow hasher last night that she loves the Voodoo, but doesn’t come out with us because we drink so much. RESPECT.

Bring: $1 and a sixer, 12 if its King Cobra.

Trust Me, youve been warned,
ON-ON Dickie Wong

Date: Thursday, December 27th, 2012
Theme: The Nightmare Before Hashmas (Christmas skeletons and ghouls and shit.)
Start: 4765 Canal St. , at N Bernadotte (street car accessible)
Hare and Co-Hares: Dickie Wongstocking and Forgotten Mammaries’ virgin lay
Beer Hare: Just Amandalynn
Pre-Lube Location: Beachcorner Grill 4905 Canal St., NOLA 70119
On-After Location: Mid City Yacht Club 440 St. Patrick St. , NOLA 70119

This is the kick off to the Wang2Mouth Trust Me Hash Extravaganza, schedule of all the events here


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