#228 – 8 Mile Hardcore Hash House Harriers

A message from Dickie Wong:
So, it’s Christmas time in nola, no better time than the present to have a hash exchange of excess/ill fitting hash gear for the newbs that aint got shit.
Eminem is so hardcore, he from 8 mile. So, in celebration of all things hardcore, we gonna make it hard for yall, so you don’t ruin your appreciation of the finer things. What I’m trying to tell you is, THERE WILL BE A TURKEY EAGLE SPLIT. Said split will either take you on a “normal” trail or on a New Orleans style ballbuster that will probably either end with you catching the hare or going way too far off trail and calling in air support. If you think you are super smart and like to “parallel” the group be prepared to miss the split and end up going the 8 miles because you were cheating and that’s what cheaters get. You’ll know you missed it when you feel like you are about 5 miles in and at least 3 miles from the start.

Date: Thursday, December 22, 2011

Theme: You heard the man – 8 mile, dawg
Start: The little park @ Tchoupitoulas St. & Race St.
Time: 6:30pm show, 7:00pm go
Hares: Dickie Wongstockings + Just Ryan & Just Tim (virgin lays)
Cost: $1 (no coins plz) and a 6 pack (bring more if you plan to drink more)
Bring: Whistle, flashlight, and your glock (no, Game Ovary, don’t really bring your glock).
Because it’s muthafuckin Christmas, bring any hash gear you don’t want anymore, to participate in what is sure to be an awesome/hilarious gift exchange.


Voodoo is having a potluck [insert whichever winter holiday pisses you off less] dinner on Friday, starting around 7:30pm and ending whenever The Black Labia kicks us all out. If you don’t know where her home is, join the Voodoo group on Facebook and someone will be kind enough to point you in the right direction. Bring a dish, or at least a bottle of booze.

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