and It’s Growing, It’s Growing, It’s Growing!

Alright kids,

We need to take a moment with Butt Sex. We’ve gotten huge. Which is awesome, but it also brings new complications.

First, We’ve become way too dependent on the Voodoo Facebook Group. It’s been really convenient to reach out to people. Feel free to join up. Almost every day someone is inviting everyone out to a bar, restaurant, or event in the city. If you are looking to hang out with those awesome people you met on Thursday during other random nights, join this group to find us.

However, because VooDoo is such a loving and social group, important hash-related information sometimes gets lost in all of the posts and updates. I would like to to move official hash business back to the old e-mail list and calendar. Please e-mail with your name and e-mail address to be added.

Also, if you would like to get more involved in the hash. We need people to fill these positions:

1. Hash Scribe(s) – If you are witty, pay attention during the hash and circle, like to make fun of people, and want everyone on the internet to know how awesome we are, please come to talk to me. Basically 1-3 people would be in charge of creating a write up of what happened. Here are examples hash trash written in the past: An Uptown Run , Laser Tag, St. Patrick’s Day.

2. Hash Flash – Got a finger good at making clicking motions? We need some weekly pictures of the group to go on

3. Song Meister / Mistress – Can you sing acapella? Do you want to find new songs to bring to the group? We need you. Again, please come talk to me about this. This a link to a hash hymnal with over 800 pages of songs.

69. Social Meister / Mistress – Our last official social was laser tag a few months ago. I know some people have been mentioning canoeing on the Okatoma. Let me know if you like organizing events like this. We need more socials.

Anyone can do these positions. Don’t feel like you can’t do any of these just because you haven’t been named, or you haven’t been around long enough. You CAN do it. You have the faith of Butt Sex. Even if you’ve only attended one hash, it’s cool. If you want to get more involved in the hash, this is the perfect way. Please e-mail or get in touch with me with any other suggestions you may have. I’ll be at the hash next week 6/28, but then I’ll be gone for a few weeks.

Lastly. We have a large group of us who travel hash. We try and setup really inexpensive trips to hashes outside of the New Orleans area. We’ll split hotel rooms, or get crash space with local hashers, go camping, etc. If you want to start travel hashing, let me know, so I can add you to the list!

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