It’s October! Halloween is just one thing on the list

Thanks for a great hash last Thursday. All the north shore virgins are going back to their soccer mom lives forever changed. They have already figured out a rotating carpool schedule, and posted it on their refridgerators. A special shout out goes out to Atomic Dyke from Baton Rouge, for letting us see her goods and letting our visitors from the North Atlantic demonstrate a number 62 on her.

One thing I noticed is Voodoo doesn’t have a walking trail, but multiple over achievers showed up in walking cast. Apparently, one too many people are strapping themselves into the sex swing wrong. Proper use will be demonstrated at Interhash next week, at the Best Western! Before I start with the calendar I wanted to send out congratulations to our newest named hashers, Fist and Release, and Mexican Gum Job.

Random Idea:
Anyone going to Voodoo Fest? You should do a hash on the fair grounds. I’m sure we’ll have visiting hashers from all over that weekend. Set it up, we’ll announce it!

Texas Hold ’em Fundraiser for Chopenis
Friday, Oct 21, 2011 (7:00 PM) at The Brady’s 5908 Garfield St., New Orleans, LA
It’s a $75 buy in, 43 people are signed up so far. Sign up to help Chopenis and win some cash.

Girls on the run Fundraiser
Let’s face it, we all love female runners. Something great about a random chick cumming at you with a pony tail, sports bra, and running shorts. Support that shit. October 19th, Reginelli’s is going to donate a percentage of all sales from all stores all day.

InterAmerica’s Hash
Just the most fun you can have on two legs, your back, up against a wall, in public, in a corner, in a pool, and other various locations and positions in Georgia. If you don’t already have a rego, sorry it’s sold out.

Black Dress Run
Voodoo Tradition, It’s on All Saints day. Black Dress Required. No Black Dress, no hash!

New Orleans H3 moved to Saturdays at 2pm.
New Orleans H3

Another link to Swamp Gravy’s Hash Hymnal

Last thing I Promise
If you are only checking facebook for updates, chances are you may be missing out. Sign up for our mailing list at Use Facebook for hash banter, links, and all the other random crap in your lives. If you are a redditor, check out

Really, the last thing I Promise
If you have something you want to put on our calendar, and e-mailed to everyone, the best way is to email At the end of circle, a lot of people are buzzed and busy trying to spoon some random hasher. Please try to limit it hasher type things. Sex, drinking and running events are always welcome. I love pictures of random naked chicks in the e-mail box too.

Thanks for reading assholes! See ya’ll during or after Interhash.

Everything Butt Sex

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