San Fermin in Nueva Orleans 2012

It’s New Orleans Running of the Bulls!

SATURDAY, July 14th 2012

Party start at 8am at the Sugar Mill, but if you want to start earlier!

This concerns all of you. RUNNING OF THE BULLS. early morning Saturday. I announced this at circle but I can only presume you were not listening. If your an uptown wanker or care to be one, we are starting the party at our house at 6th and Baronne. I will be awake and ready at 5AM. Congregate here no later than 5:30. Drunks are off at 5:45!!!! We will begin drinking our way to the bulls at 5:45. If you are not here by then we will leave you, but we will be meandering slow enough to catch up. In fact, our first round will be had at igors. So Igors a little after 6ish. No promises on how slow the herd will move.

But I promise you this: 5AM Coffee (irish or otherwise), a giant jug of sangria, whiskey, a bunch of hashing assholes, rum, drunk, I’d prolly even sleep with you if you were pretty and female despite the early hour, and give me a couple shots and I’ll just be happy if your female.

AGAIN: we are LEAVING here at 5:45 AM Sat morn to do this right. I don’t have internet in my pocket, any inquiries, concerns, comments, or accusations can be made directly 812 746 8257. ruOpen invite. No assholes. 2843 Baronne St. 70115. Big green house with white columns and a bunch of droggy drunk fucks hanging on the porch.


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