Hash Trash #176 – No Princesses, No Rappers, Just Hardcore Hashers, ya heard?

The trail was cold, wet, and douchey. So we all know what it felt like to be Cold Wet Douche, who in fact was sick and still made it out one of shiggiest trail laid by hares, Everything Butt Sex and Jefferson Starfish. There’s no excuse for the lame hashers who whined about the cold and stayed home.  The weather was in the low 30s with icy winds that felt like a million knife cuts and with sleet to follow.  The trail felt like we were preparing for Warrior Dash minus the fire jumping part. Let me mentally paint this … Continue ReadingHash Trash #176 – No Princesses, No Rappers, Just Hardcore Hashers, ya heard?

Hash Trash

Note: I know Hash Trash has been lacking. That’s because we use to have a pretty decent hash scribe that went by the name of 8 lays a week. Unfortunately, her tits have shrunk and vagina has dried up and bitch can’t cum for shit anymore. Until I see her at a hash again, I will only refer to her as 0 lays a week. In the meantime, you get to enjoy my bad grammer and vulgarities. I gotta admit, when Puppy Love Machine said we were running in the East, I was so nervous you would have thought I … Continue ReadingHash Trash

Hash Trash – I’m naked underneath

Ya know for a Naked Theme, I surprisingly only saw one pair of tits the entire trail (thank you Lick A Lotta Cock, those are some Damn Good Tits). Even Enough Already was covered from head to toe! So last night Wax On Whacks Off and Just Aaron “Eyes up here” took us on a long predictably lay through Mid City and City Park area. I’m pretty sure Whacks off laid a similar trail on his virgin lay not tooo long ago if I remember correctly, that cemetery looked verrry familiar…. but with 8 lays a week who can remember … Continue ReadingHash Trash – I’m naked underneath

#150 – Red Skirt Run!

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s that time of year again! RED DRESS RUN Time! Helping to prepare you for Saturday’s red sea of insanity, your hares Fill Me Up and T.W.O.T. will be taking you on a run through the Marigny! Meet-up is at Washington Square – on the neutral ground (median for you wankers) on Elysian Fields, 6:30, and the hares will take off at 7. We WILL be stopping at several bars, so make sure you clowns bring some cash for the bar stops! You still need to bring your $1 and a six-pack I think there’s something … Continue Reading#150 – Red Skirt Run!

#119 – “Royal” Pain in the Hash

Fill Me Up’s the hare this week – so you know what that means. Actually, I’m not sure what that means – anyone care to help a brother out? It’s a Mardi Gras / Royalty themed hash. I know, we just had a hash the other week that was carnival themed, but ’tis the season, right? I mean, we only have Mardi Gras for a few weeks out of the year – did you know that children in China don’t even have a Mardi Gras? Not even one day! If for no other reason, do it for the children. And, … Continue Reading#119 – “Royal” Pain in the Hash