#119 – “Royal” Pain in the Hash

Royal PainFill Me Up’s the hare this week – so you know what that means.

Actually, I’m not sure what that means – anyone care to help a brother out?

It’s a Mardi Gras / Royalty themed hash. I know, we just had a hash the other week that was carnival themed, but ’tis the season, right? I mean, we only have Mardi Gras for a few weeks out of the year – did you know that children in China don’t even have a Mardi Gras? Not even one day!

If for no other reason, do it for the children.

And, by the way, I expected this from Missionary Impossible, Not Fill Me Up – she picked the ONE place in New Orleans that doesn’t have an address. Way to Suck, FMU.
Mardi Gras Fountain is on Lakeshore Dr., halfway between Canal Blvd and Marconi Dr.

Theme: “Royal” pain in the hash. Come dressed in Royal, Mardi Gras, or hash attire. There are no excuses for anyone not to have hash attire. Hash necklaces don’t count.
Location: Mardi Gras Fountain on Lakeshore Dr.
Time: Usual, 6:30 p.m. meet with hare away at 7:00 p.m.
Hare: Fill Me Up

Bring a dollar and a six pack and if you’re too lazy to pick up beer, you betta have $6 and a really good reason for being a wanker. Oh yeah, make sure you bring a great attitude so you don’t piss Fill Me Up off. There will be a couple of surprises at this hash, so come out and have a great time.

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  1. dickie says:

    Prelube at landry’s, 8000 lakeshore dr, for 5ish. The internets say they have a great happy hour with some light food and 1.50 drafts!!! ON ON

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