Hash Trash – I’m naked underneath

Ya know for a Naked Theme, I surprisingly only saw one pair of tits the entire trail (thank you Lick A Lotta Cock, those are some Damn Good Tits). Even Enough Already was covered from head to toe!

So last night Wax On Whacks Off and Just Aaron “Eyes up here” took us on a long predictably lay through Mid City and City Park area. I’m pretty sure Whacks off laid a similar trail on his virgin lay not tooo long ago if I remember correctly, that cemetery looked verrry familiar…. but with 8 lays a week who can remember anymore. Only complaint heard was that Chum and Dickie wanted more Rugby Girls on Trail. Boys, those Rugby girls are more manly than you two could ever be. Fill Me Up finally found Beer Near and was rewarded with Jell-O Shots after following a false BN that wasn’t laid by our hares and didn’t lead to any beer! What! No Beer! That should be illegal!

Some shortcutting Wankers tried to get a jump start on trail after BN and got caught. For punishment, Pastor Bait-Her made BrokeBack Dyke experience I.M.E. in ways only he can dream of. BrokeBack Dyke must love doing Down-Downs because like a bad case of herpes, he just couldn’t stay away. Not only did he get called out for FRB with TWOT but they also got called out for stealing hash beer after last week’s trail. Don’t mess with our beer or you’ll suffer the consequences.

Fill Me Up called Pastor into circle for losing his Happy Coat back in March! It has made its way to Texas and who knows where else since going M.I.A. Who’s got pictures?

Congratulations to Just Aaron for finally getting named “Eyes Up Here” after the tons of stupid shit this Wanker has pulled. He’s a hasher, he’s true blue. He’s a hasher through and through.

Next week Everything Butt Sex, Baby Facial and Princess Lay-Ya are taking us on a time warp back to the 80’s which apparently can be found in Metairie behind Chili’s. Who knew? So break out those side ponytails, legwarmers, and sweatbands and get your beer drinking asses out to Metairie! Maybe next week Puppy Love Machine won’t forget the ice chests.

8 Lays a week

· Skin Whistle and Dry Hole’s Wedding Hash on Sept 16th
· September 18th is Gulf Coast H3 500th hash. (Mobile, AL) gch3.org
· October 1-3 is the Texas Crab Hash texascrabhash.com

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