#150 – Red Skirt Run!

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s that time of year again! RED DRESS RUN Time!

Helping to prepare you for Saturday’s red sea of insanity, your hares Fill Me Up and T.W.O.T. will be taking you on a run through the Marigny!

Meet-up is at Washington Square – on the neutral ground (median for you wankers) on Elysian Fields, 6:30, and the hares will take off at 7.

We WILL be stopping at several bars, so make sure you clowns bring some cash for the bar stops! You still need to bring your $1 and a six-pack

I think there’s something I’m forgetting … what could it be… OH YEAH!

WEAR A RED SKIRT or you’re not fucking running and we get to keep your beer!

Everything Butt Sex

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