Trail # 463 – Comicon Bitchez! – Kiwi Wiwi, Motherload, Cockness Monster

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Good news everyone! Anything that happens, happens.  What’s happening this Thursday is your comicon prelube trail, which will also not be featuring Matt Smith this year.  So come join the Voodoo Tripod Tri-Force, for a wibbly wobbly time that is sure to be more amazing than something that is really amazing.  So, whatever you do, don’t even blink. Blink and you’re dead.

Bring: $1 (no coins please),  a 6-pack , flashlight, & whistle.

Date: 7th Jan 2016

Theme: Comicon Bitchez

Start:  Convention centers balls  900 Convention Center Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70130

Hare and Co-Hares: KW3, Motherload, Cockness Monster.

Beer Hare: TBA

Pre-Lube Location: Ugly Dog Saloon  401 Andrew Higgins Dr, New Orleans, LA 70130

On-After Location: tba

Dog Friendly?: Uhh, probs not.

Is a dry bag, shiggy gear or anything specific needed for trail?  Nah

Any specific info the pack may need? (shiggy, long trail, water shoes, dry bag etc) Best costume

Approximate Length of True Trail: (does not include YBFs, Checks etc) about 5 miles.

Hash Announcements:

Awards are this week!!

Crescent Shiggy Trail is Saturday. It’s Motherload’s Birthday Hash!
Carpool Location: Avenue Pub 10:30 am departure

Hares away at 11:00 am

Start Location: Frenier Landing Restaurant and Oyster Bar Hwy 51 And Peavine Rd, LaPlace, Louisiana 70068

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