#301 – Camp out Sing Along

We’re breaking all the rules this week. It’s camp out. We’re pre-lubing. Twater Sports, Cockness Monster, and Everything Butt Sex cut the trail in half and doubled the beer! Fuck yo 6 pack and $1. You bring $10 cash, your hash mug, and your favorite hash songs! If you bring a $20 we’re keeping your change for the on-after! Bring $10 exactly, and not coins!

Why? We already bought the beer! We have beer stops, we got bar stops, we got jello shot stops, we got out of town hashers looking to get laid, we got awesome drink and shot specials at the bars we already bought beer at, and we gots some kegs for the pre-lube and circle! Camp out is this weekend! The only thing that will outweigh the shit show will be the sluttiness.

Date: Thursday, April 4th, 5:30 pm meet 7:00 pm GO!
Cost: $10 dollars and bring your hash mug!
Theme: Camp out Sing a longs.
Hares: Everything Butt Sex, Cockness Monster, and Twater Sports
Beer Hare: LaSituWanktion, Shower Monkey
Start: Coliseum Park, 1700 Coliseum St, New Orleans
Pre-Lube: We gots kegs! We’ll be drinking on it at the start around 5:30pm!
On-After: Follow the fucking flour!

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