The hash is a drinking club with a running problem, so feel free to drink and run. However, we do not support drinking and driving so have a designated driver, call a cab or plan ahead to get home safely if you have been drinking - there are more fun ways to get to play with handcuffs. We hash EVERY Thursday night at 7, rain or shine, CST or CDT. So bring a dollar and a six-pack of beer, and join us for the fun!

Make sure to also bring a whistle, a flashlight (it helps), and a sense of humor. For slightly more info, read about the VooDoo.


Tidy wields a pipe wrench in front of an army of bikini babes.

You can’t handle the awesomeness this picture represents.

Babes! Bikinis! Abs! Pipe Wrenches!  Urine Asian’s Nipples!

Come one come all to Voodoo’s THREE HUNDRETH TRAIL!  That’s right, it’s special, like Fucking Retarded on a shortbus, or Slam Bam in New Zealand, or Atomic Dyke at a beach volleyball tournament, or PS Knave in public.



What’s that? A PATCH?!  YES, and let me tell you, it’s SEXY AS HELL.   SO much sexier than the $3 you’re going to pay for it. Because I made it.  It’s so hot it’ll make Bladder go gay.  Which really won’t surprise anyone but his daddy.

This is a picture of the 300th patch.

Aw yeah, check out that hard wood.

Bring: $1(if you don’t know which bill that is, bring the ones with Franklin’s face on it), a six pack, 6 alcoholic beers, 300 Zulu warriors, flashlight, whistle, spear, shield, skanky red cape, AND A SWIMSUIT, though birthday suits might be acceptable.  I don’t know.  Skinny dip at your own risk (…of embarrassment and choruses of “It’s A Small Dick Afterall.”) And don’t forget to bring a towel!

Yeah that’s right, the on-after bar has a pool and some never-ending hasher drink specials.  Rumor has it the Cockness Monster might be sighted.  Go ahead and call in sick to work the next morning because we’ll be up to 2am singing Yogi Bear.

-Yours truly, four whores and 7 beers ago, Whorebraham Lincoln.

Date: Thursday, March 28th, 6:30 pm meet 7:00 pm GO!

Theme: Spartans!

Hares: TidyBowl Man & Little Red Head (who the fuck is that? Nobody cares, just show up)

Beer Hare: Scarlett O’Hogger  & Minnie Pearl Necklace

Start: Lee Circle

Pre-Lube: Circle Bar, 1023 St. Charles Ave

On-After: Indulge Island Bar & Grill, 845 Carondelet St. (bring a bathing suit!)


Voodoo Campout 2013 is now full! The only way to obtain a rego at this point is to buy it from someone who is already registered and can’t cum for whatever reason.


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