# 284 – Get Prepped or Die Mayan!

The end is near as Doomsday Prepper Krack-a-Toe-a and Jaguar Knight Ruff Masterbeartion avoid the kennel/roving marauders /Europeans as they scrounge for resources/collect slaves for the afterlife throughout the Lower Garden District.
Hare Lies/Cosmic Truths
-There will be thirteen mystic skulls to find on trail. Drink their contents to acquire the strength of the ancestors.
– FRBs will be raptured.
– Virgins will be sacrificed.
– This is an A to A hash.
– At midnight, Jesus will make an appearance.
– You’ll still have work in the morning.
Start: Coliseum Square Park – Race St and Coliseum St
Theme: Doomsday Preppers vs Mayan Apocalypse. Come dressed as a prepper, Meso-American, badland dwelling psycho, the Super Flu, conquistador, planet killing asteroid,  peak oil, etc.
Hares: Krack-a-Toe-a, Ruff Masterbeartion
Beer Hare: Still needed please contact me or the hares if interested
Pre lube: Avenue Pub @ 1732 Saint Charles Avenue
On After: TBA
Bring: $1 hash cash(no coins), 6pack (or more) for the beer cooler, flashlight, whistle, year’s worth of beans, bottle caps for bartering, obsidian clubs , etc.
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