UPDATE: CAP IS REMOVED. We’ll keep it open until June 20th! Sign up now!!!

The Brass Monkey H3 and the Voodoo H3 proudly bring you the first in what will no doubt be a yearly event full of awesomeness! If you are all about the running and no so much the drinking and debauchery, this is sooooooooo not the event for you.

WHEN: July 29-31, 2011

WHERE: New Orleans, LA

WHY: Really? Do you care?


We;re excepting regos until June 20th. What will that include? You will get an AMAZING T-Shirt (Men’s sizes only!), a LIFE CHANGING patch, and the possibility of other little gimmies! After 100 people, you can still attend, but no gimmies are guaranteed! You will pay $10.00 for the Saturday hash and then however much more you need for Hookers, er, Horse Drawn Carriage rides, either way.

BELOW IS A TENTATIVE SCHEDULE OF EVENTS. (There might even be MORE crap you get to do!)
Thursday July 28 – Get the Party Started
6:00 pm – Voodoo H3 Weekly run ( New Orleans , LA)
7:00 pm – BMH3 pre-lube (Maybe a Pub-Crawl, maybe a Sexy Party, we’ll see)

Friday July 29 – French Quarter Pub Crawl (Theme: TBD)
10:00 am– BMH3 departure for NOLA from the Retard Compound in The Woodlands, TX.
5:30 pm – NOH3 Happy/Social Hour
7:00 pm – Pub Crawl through the French Quarter. (Start Point TBD)

SaturdayJuly 30 – Café du Monde Hash & Locals Night (Theme: TBD)
10:00 am – Meet at Café du Monde for world famous beignets and coffee.
11:00 am – Gather and chalk talk for hash. (Start @ Café du Monde… maybe. Wouldn’t YOU like to know!)
11:30 am – Pack off!
2:00 pm – 5:00 pm – Enjoy your day around NOLA; get a muffaletta at Central Grocery.
6:00 pm – Meet for dinner and pre-lube for locals night pub crawl
7:00 pm – Pub Crawl is off!

Sunday July 31 – Hangover Hash
11:00 am – Hangover hash at TBA location. (Chance of a POOL!)

CONCERNED HASHER: But wait! I want to be one of the first 75 people so I get these awesome things to complete my life! Is there still time?? WHERE DO I GO?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!

COCKTOR SPORK: Calm down, friend, it is okay! There is still room, and still time! We just opened registration up TODAY! You can register for the event via HashSpace, under Haberdashery – Event Regos – US – South – First Anal Voodoo Monkey: July 29-31 2011.

CONCERNED HASHER: But wait! I don’t have a HashSpace account! My commune does not believe in labeling yourself with usernames!!!!

COCKTOR SPORK: Calm down, friend, it is okay! You can just click on this link and it will take you happily on your way!

CONCERNED HASHER: But wait! How do I pay? Do you accept pesos? Or bits of string? I can’t use Credit cards over the internet because I don’t want the MAN to be able to trace me!

COCKTOR SPORK: Calm down, friend, it is okay! There are a few ways to pay! You can pay online via PayPal (send to, you can send a check to the address listed on the Event Rego page, or you can give CASH or CHEQUE to one of the people running this BIOTCH! Not sure who that is? Ask Miss Cleo.

CONCERNED HASHER: But wait! What about lodging? Crashspace? Hotel? Drunk tank?????

COCKTOR SPORK: Calm down, friend, it is okay! There will most likely be crashspace (there might not be any walls, though.) We are currently looking into getting hotel rooms blocked off for us at an awesome rate, but the details are not yet… detailed. There will be upcoming event information on:

The Brass Monkey Blog:
The Brass Monkey Facebook Page:
The Voodoo Facebook Page:
The Voodoo Home Page:
And there will probably be updates through the Yahoo! Groups. We have like 2 months, it’ll be okay.

Hopefully that will answer all of your questions! If not, you can e-mail me, Cocktor Spork (, or Everything Butt Sex ( If we can’t answer your questions, we can at least sing you a show tune.

Just remember (In that ‘sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!’ voice):

Cocktor Spork


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