#197 – Conspiracy Theory

Someone make the hares drink for this shit.

Everything Butt Sex: What is the theme and locations this week?
Eyes Up here: Marconi and Harrison, near the abandoned buildings. The theme conspiracy theory.
Everything Butt Sex: Conspiracy Theory. What’s that mean?
Eyes Up here: Dunno. I haven’t been able to come up with anything?

I swear to G himself, some of you wankers try and make this shit difficult on me. If you don’t have a costume or hash attire this week. Make the hares drink! Hopefully their shitty trail be better than their shitty theme!

Hares: Eyes Up Here, Under His Erection
Theme: Conspiracy Theory
When: Thursday, June 2nd, 6:30pm show, 7:00pm geaux!
Where: Harrison Ave & Marconi Dr New Orleans, LA 70124

Bring: $1 and a 6-pack. whistle, flashlight, and mosquito spray, sunscreen, and water highly recommended. Suppose to be 95 degrees soon.

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