#198 – Le Tour De Hash (followed by a pool party)

Seems like I’ve been talking to hashers all over the world lately. Everywhere from Boston to California, stories of the Voodoo H3 have been sung around hash circles. Currently, we have Good Will Cunting whoring all over Europe. The Voodoo Founders are in Okinawa. Now we have over 80 hashers from all over the gulf coast signed up for the first Voodoo Monkey Hash at the end of the July.

In order to celebrate all this multi-locational bullshit going about we’re meeting up in front of the Bulldog on Canal for Le Tour De Hash! Wear hash attire. If you have hash attire from a different kennel, even better! Bring your bathing suit. Princess Layless is extending his pool for a party AFTER the hash. Oh yeah, if you’re a hasher and you live in Lakeview, you may be a little nervous on Thursday…..

Two other Important things.
-If you haven’t done it yet. Sign up for the Voodoo Monkey
-If you’re interested in doing a hash skit. The first practice is this Friday. It’s at BrokeBack Dyke and Cold Wet Douche’s house in Mid-city at 6pm. We’re all chipping in 5-10 bucks, going on a beer run and having a hell of time making these things up. If you like standing in front of a hundred people, making an ass of yourself, drinking beer, and generally goofing off. You will probably want to be apart of this!!! Talk to me (Everything Butt Sex 985.789.7228) if you want to participate.

Hares: Everything Butt Sex, Princess Layless
Theme: Le Tour De France
When: Thursday, June 9th, 6:30pm show, 7:00pm geaux!
Where: Canal Blvd. In front of the Bulldog, in Mid-city

Bring: $1 and a 6-pack. whistle, flashlight, and a bathing suit with extra beer if you want to stay and swim.

Everything Butt Sex

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