#193 – “The Hash Abides”

In the spirit of “The Dude”, instead of giving the hares a hard time in this week’s write up; I will leave all you wanks with some awesome hash advice.

  • Have fun
  • No short cutting trail
  • If you do short cut trail, be really good at it
  • Debts from punishments will be paid in beer
  • Congratulations for achievements will be paid in beer
  • Being lame will force you to come into circle, be mocked at, and drink beer
  • The RA is always right.
  • When the RA is wrong, the RA is still right
  • Don’t use the “R” word
  • If you’re lost find try screaming “RU!”

    Hares: Jizz Rag and T.W.O.T.
    Theme: The Big Lebowski (dress like “The Dude” in his robe & slippers, Donnie in his bowling shirt, Nihilists in black, etc.)
    When: Thursday, May5th, 6:30pm Show, 7:00pm Geaux!
    Where: Royal and Elysian Fields; Across from Washington Square.
    Pre-lube/On-after: R Bar
    Cost: Bring $1 and 6 pack.

    The only thing we like loose is our harrierettes!!! No change. Bring dollar bills only!

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