So much time! So little to do!

I know hash trash has been lacking. I’ve been busy networking, both hashing and professionally. This shit is hard to keep up with on the road. Now that my bitching (whining?) is over with, on-on for some good shit.

A bunch of people have sent in things from time to time, for me to post online. I hate posting things that aren’t Voodoo hash related on to the web site, so today we’ve implemented a Voodoo mailing list. You can subscribe or unsubscribe anytime you want. There is a link on the right side of the main page, under the links section.

Fair warning, it’s an unmoderated hash e-mail list. I’m sure it’ll contain bullshit from people that isn’t suitable for work. With that in mind, have fun with it. Feel free to shit talk about the hares, vote for biggest idiot, bitch about bad trails or themes, share Groupon messages for beer, talk about your upcoming party, share porn, and just curse a lot. Anything at all. I don’t really give a fuck, and I’m sure most of it will be pretty funny. Click here to sign up for it. After that, simply send an e-mail to and everyone subscribed will get your message!

I’ve been hashing all over the country lately. Houston wants to do a reverse Katrina and evacuate Texas for a weekend in NOLA. We have a hashing road trip in the works for this summer. I want to start working on some Hash skits, and I need some volunteers to put on for circles while on the road. Get with me, if you want to be involved. So much other shit is going on, I don’t even where to begin, I’m leaving you with some pics of our latest Voodoo Tattoos! Who will get one next?????

Everything Butt Sex

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