#192 – April Showers

The gods will keep the rain at bay on an April day when the hares decided to have some fun.
But without rain, showers of sorts will litter the hashers with droplets like cum.
Showers make flowers like baths make clean hashers, which they never do.
And after trips through shiggy, by god not the ferry, but a little float through the shallow blue
these hashers will be joyous and sing songs so glorious as they chug down on some good brew.

Broke Back Dyke

Hares: Enough Already and Broke Back Dyke
Location: Pendot Park at Canal and Robert E. Lee
Shiggy: We live close enough to the water to consider that shiggy, right?
Pets: A very bad idea
Cost: $1.00 and a six-pack

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