Hash Trash 179 – Like Anal Sex for the First Time

I’m back bitches! I know y’all missed me…I know lately I’ve been cumming more like 0 lays a week, like EBS so eagerly likes to call me, but I decided to make a return when I heard Slam Bam was leading this hash. Problem was I forgot that this loud mouth Wanker probably can’t stay focused enough for a blow job let alone an entire hash. I think this mother fucker must have seen some shiny string on trail and forgot how to throw down flour. First half took us around Tchop down to children’s hospital and along the railroad tracks…Too bad a few wankers soon realized that walking on gravel in Vibram 5 Fingers is a little bit like Anal Sex for the first time. It’s painful but if you take it slow it can be over before you know it. Maybe these bitches, myself included, should have lubed up before running trail and then it wouldn’t have hurt so bad…I mean this is Slam Bam we’re talking about. My favorite part of the trail was the Package Checks! I think Chum and EBS hung around those a little longer hoping some naive hasher might be convinced to give theirs a little tug. BN brought us in around Audubon Park where PS Knave and Eyes up here kept trying to scare innocent passerbys with their frightening good looks:

The hares took off after beer near or should I say strolled off….Yea, I saw you bitches walking. Maybe No Cunt Troll was trying to keep Slam Bam on a short leash this half since we were so near the zoo, baaaaahhhhhhhhh

Second half was almost as short as Tidy Bowl, and we strolled on into ON-IN at the Pinkberry on Magazine. Pastor Bait-Her opened up circle and we welcomed some red-neck virgins from Mississippi to the Voodoo… Hope these Wankers enjoyed their virgin lay, I’m sure coming from small-ass bum fuck Moss Point, MS it’s like a whole new world over here in the Big City. Even though circle was interrupted by some dick-sucking 28-year old “landlord” who wanted to show everyone how big his dick was by calling the cops on us, we were able to get out a Naming! Just Sara will from here on out now be referred to as Dick’s a Flava (no “h” because she’s h-less)

Here’s to Dick’s she’s true blue
She’s a hasher through and through

Don’t forget to sign up for the Campout you lazy wankers! Trust me you don’t want to miss this EPIC event.

On-On Bitches,

8 Lays A Week

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  1. Swamp Gravy says:

    This is *the* most accurate description of running on gravel in vibrams (or in my case, sandals made from a very thin sheet of rubber).

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