Trail # 464 – ’80 to 80 – Extra Virgin Anal Oil & Slam Bam Thank You Lamb

From the ’80’s to 80 – whether you’re bringing neon and leg warmers back or having a hard time remembering what the 1980’s looked like, this trail will help you feel young again! Wear your favorite side ponies and headbands (if you’d like to pay tribute to the Goblin King of tight pants) or dress as your 80 year old self – socks with sandals acceptable – and maybe you can confuse our resident senior IME enough to make it to the front of the pack! Bring: $1 (no coins please),  a 6-pack, flashlight, & whistle. Date: Thursday, January 14, 2016 Theme: From … Continue ReadingTrail # 464 – ’80 to 80 – Extra Virgin Anal Oil & Slam Bam Thank You Lamb

Trail # 390 – Sheep and Shepherds! Slam Bam Thank You Lamb & Extra Virgin Anal Oil

Baa Baa Slam Bam Have you any beer? Extra Virgin says there’s Two coolers near. One for the beer check One for on-in The rest for the walkers Who join at the end! Calling all sheep and shepherds to join Slam Bam Thank You Lamb and Extra Virgin Anal Oil as they lead the flock over hill and through dale on a trail of “shear” excitement. Bring your “baaaaaad” ass, with $1 and a six pack. We are not pulling the “wool” over your eyes when we tell you this is a trail you don’t want to miss!!! Remember to … Continue ReadingTrail # 390 – Sheep and Shepherds! Slam Bam Thank You Lamb & Extra Virgin Anal Oil

Hash Trash 179 – Like Anal Sex for the First Time

I’m back bitches! I know y’all missed me…I know lately I’ve been cumming more like 0 lays a week, like EBS so eagerly likes to call me, but I decided to make a return when I heard Slam Bam was leading this hash. Problem was I forgot that this loud mouth Wanker probably can’t stay focused enough for a blow job let alone an entire hash. I think this mother fucker must have seen some shiny string on trail and forgot how to throw down flour. First half took us around Tchop down to children’s hospital and along the railroad … Continue ReadingHash Trash 179 – Like Anal Sex for the First Time

#179 – Carnival and Circus Freaks!

We’re starting uptown, and for the love of the flying spaghetti monster I hope our hares don’t finish in a neighborhood. Apparently, 1000’s of screaming drunks can show up in the garden district for a parade, but 40 some odd hashers are just too damn loud during circle! When Slam and No Cunt Troll are in charge, it’s just a matter of time before the freaky shit starts happening. Fuck if I know what expect this week. I know I better see some damn good costumes though. Carnival is here!!!!! on-on, Everything Butt Sex Bring $1, a six pack, a … Continue Reading#179 – Carnival and Circus Freaks!

#126 – Inglourious Hashers

  This Thursday, we’re going to be getting down and dirty in Lakeview. Just Ralph is poppin’ his har-e  cherry (heh) with Slam Bam Thank You Lamb, so watch out – Slam Bam isn’t known for being gentle. There will be shiggy, and there will be mud. Think of this as a camp-out warm-up. The hares also made it a point to tell me that FLASHLIGHTS ARE NEEDED! So bring yours! (I’m lookin’ at you, Just Miranda) Ralph will be hosting the on-after – I think he’s making gumbo or something equally awesome. Theme: Wilderness Survival / Inglourious Basterds / … Continue Reading#126 – Inglourious Hashers