Camp out info and Thursday’s trail

Where: 46468 River Road Hammond, LA 70401 Time: 12pm Friday, March 30th. Questions: or Feel free to call me anytime. If you need my number, ask Bama of ECH3. She gives it out anytime someone says they like anal. My phone gets turned off at 6pm on Friday though! What to Bring: Tent, bug spray, towel, clothes line, camping shit, etc….Extra alcohol. (Tequila and gin tend to make people’s clothes fall off.) Why extra Alcohol?: Because no one has ever said, “Oh my God what are we going to do with all of this extra alcohol?” or “We had … Continue ReadingCamp out info and Thursday’s trail

Camp Out Update part deux

In case you missed it, rego price went up on the 16th. However, it’s still only $79 for an all-inclusive weekend of booze, trails, games, debauchery, yummy food– and word on the street is at least one pretty freakin’ sweet giveaway. If you still need the information, crawl out from under your rock and just scroll down the page.

2012 Camp Out Update

CAMP OUT IS HALF FULL. That means there are only 50 spots left. After we hit 100 rego’s, you’re shit outta luck. If you want to get in after that, well… bend over, it’s time for Butt Sex. Important links: 1. Sign Up Here! 2. Offline registration form 3. Camp Out Itinerary 4. Camp Out Rules 5. Frequently asked Questions 6. Sign Up for Hash Olympic and Flip Cup teams Cost is still only $69 until February 16th!

Camp out Registration 2012

I would say this is the best time you can have while standing up, but chances are you’ll be spending some of it on your back. For those who haven’t been to the Voodoo campout before, this is 3 days and 2 nights of secluded hashing in the woods. There is beer, nudity, hashing, beer, drinking games, food, hashers cumming from all over the Gulf coast, beer, gimmies, and beer. For more information, well what happens at campout stays at campout. You’ll need to find some harrier or harrierette who’s been before; get them drunk; and/or tease them sexually so … Continue ReadingCamp out Registration 2012