You’ve got a friend in me…

I’m not talking about my scary pink vibrator. But I do need some man juice injection right now. I’m talking testosterone!  Anything that can lessen my emotionally sensitive side will make this news delivery palatable. Inevitably, the news is about about our favorite hasher, Chopenis. This buddy of mine is a very magnetic, fun loving, athletic guy that started hashing with us last summer and was always fun to be around. Good things happens when you move to the Big Easy and especially when you celebrate your birthday with us.  In a couple of weeks, however, Chopenis will be undergoing chemotherapy and he’s going to need mad love and support from his dysfunctional family (Yes, it’s Voodoo).  This overachieving physique of a god will win this battle against cancer but he’ll be out of commission for months.  Voodoo will be collecting donation at a couple of hashes in order to supplement unlimited rentals from Netflix during his recovery. It’ll repress his boredom by having him catch up on the Real Housewives of Orange County or Michael Moore’s newest documentary. Netflix is ranked #39 in “Stuff White People Like” so Pastor did well with this recommendation. Well Cho’, you’re white and I assume you will like this. Everything Butt Sex sent me the link and blushed at #11 so he must be white too.

However, I’m French…


Drinking to you Cho,

Teeny Weeny On Top

*So bring an extra $1 on top of your usual $1 and 6 pack to make an awesome donation. Also, don’t forget that Fill Me Up will be collecting whatever clothing you bring to be screen printed with our signature Voodoo logo. It’s $5 per logo. Just bring tons of cash if you can’t figure it out.

**Saturday, we will need some help in moving Chopenis’ furniture out from his house. Got a truck? Got muscles? Get in touch with me. He would definitely appreciate it.

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