Hash Trash #175 – Noobs we are not

Look it's TidyBowlMan on her back!

Great job on the hash, Princess Lay Ya (Chocolate Dick) and Game Ovaries, for running us ragged through the Warehouse District, French Quarter, Marigny and almost Algiers (for the idiots who lingered and wondered if they should hop the ferry). I mean I never heard more hashers telling me that a night with you two would make them feel sooo sore.  Score! We definitely loved the Pac Man true trail, although it would have been cooler if you laid cherries or dead ghost for the taking.  Circle was interesting as we had a bigger turn out in the end thanks to auto hashers and latecummers. Special nod to Batteries Not Included for bringing this special character, Milton, to join us at Circle. Milton is running across country to raise money for a organization in Africa. He’s completed 1/3 of the journey as he stops in New Orleans. Hats off to you, overachiever! Check out his website to see Batteries and Just Dana featured in www.100daysofmadness.com and  the charity he’s busting ass for on www.ecye.org

Comic Con 2011 had nothing on these peeps.

Queen Amidala and Superwoman

And and THIS GUY here should know better. For the noobs, don’t wear brand new shoes to the hash ever. I promise you it doesn’t taste pleasant. Trust me.

And there was a naming! You can count on Just Dustin to dress up at every themed hash that we’ve had and this past one takes the cake as he’s stole this outfit from his little sister’s closet. Seriously,we’d be impressed if you roller skated that night. This bloke will be surely missed as he leaves for Scottsdale and will arrive there with his very own hash name of…


Final upcumming events and notes:

Be ready for our Annual Camp Out taking place April 1st. Registration is $40 and you can either pay Fill Me Up in cash or go to PayPal. Start looking for tents, roomies…

Bring article of clothing to get Voodoo logo screen printed. $5 per item. Please mark where you want the logo to go and make sure you write your name on it.

This cumming week’s hash is going to feature Everything Butt Sex and Jefferson Starfish. Be ready for a short lived ride of your lives. Stay tuned for details…

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