The Trash Before Christmas

Twas the morning before Christmas at Everything Butt Sex’s house.
He noticed that someone had left without their blouse.
Oh, just another orphaned piece of clothing thrown away without care,
He started a pre-lube at 11am; The time Dicky Wong Stockings got there.
They started to drink and a numbing feeling reached their head,
head, who said head?

Joining them was Cock a Booty Boo,
who recently given Everything Butt Sex the flu,
Lick a Lotta Cock showed up with steaks and champagne,
Until then, the pre-lube, had been midly tame.

We finally ventured on to the neutral ground of Miss Mae’s,
Where we found Lick A lotta Cock hashing with her tits on display.
She also wore black leather boots to the hash,
Pretty sure she was short a six pack and one dollar in cash.

TidyBowlMan was the sole hare,
Did I mention Lick A Lotta Cock’s tits were bare?
We did chalk talk, told dirty jokes, and a whistle started to race,
The ground was slippery and a couple of people fell on their face.
Slam Bam was accused of boy scouting on trail,
Turns out it was dark which lead to an epic fail,
You see, he thought the fallen hasher on all fours was a lamb.
Instantly a harriette was in a jam.
This was evident by the wet spot on Booty boo’s back
and the satisfied grin Slam Bam had after he stood up and adjusted his sack.

We talked about penis size vs vagina depth at the beer near,
A couple of the harriers braved the conversation with no fear.
About a third of the hash pee’d on trail,
This happens when everyone brings light beer instead of a good ale.

Onward to On-in we dashed
Circle and goodies was hosted by Kiss My Trash.

One at a time we left the site.
Twas a good hash and all had a good night.

– Everything Butt Sex

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