The Trash Before Christmas

Twas the morning before Christmas at Everything Butt Sex’s house. He noticed that someone had left without their blouse. Oh, just another orphaned piece of clothing thrown away without care, He started a pre-lube at 11am; The time Dicky Wong Stockings got there. They started to drink and a numbing feeling reached their head, head, who said head? Joining them was Cock a Booty Boo, who recently given Everything Butt Sex the flu, Lick a Lotta Cock showed up with steaks and champagne, Until then, the pre-lube, had been midly tame. We finally ventured on to the neutral ground of … Continue ReadingThe Trash Before Christmas


Ahh yes, the Toga Party. Who doesn’t love a social function where you grab your bedsheet and literally roll out of bed, dressed appropriately? If you have nothing to do tomorrow (or even if you do have something to do), roll outta bed and head to Gretna where Slam Bam Thank You Lamb is hosting the party. It starts at 1pm, and will run till, actually I don’t know. It’s a BYOB, so make bring your favorite adult beverages. And, before I go… 1) It’s a party in New Orleans in August – it’s always appropriate to bring extra ice … Continue ReadingTOOOOOOGA! TOOOOOOGA!