#317 – Welcome to the Voodoo

It looks like we’ll have over 20 visitors. Bring more than the normal 6 pack. It’s gonna be a long night. 

Bring on the Voodoo Spirit. We’re meeting at LOA Chuck’s Bar. We decided LOA is an upscale martini bar, and we don’t want to get the group kicked out of the hotel, the day before everyone checks in, so we’re going to Chuck’s. It’s a shit hole, and probably has the cheapest drinks in the quarter. Crack-a-toe-a and Rough MasturBeartion are haring this week. I’m told the rewards for the Front Running Bastards, custom made coozies filled with an alcoholic “Voodoo Daddy” concoction inside. This isn’t one to miss boys and girls. We have over 100 out of towners coming in for Voodoo Monkey 3: The Amazing Racist. If nothing else we’ll have some slutty fucking hashers on vacation in New Orleans ready to get naked and drunk.


Everything Butt Sex

Special note: If you haven’t register for Voodoo Monkey 3, you can register at 5pm at Ditcharo’s on Friday, the 21st. $50, no gimmiess or prizes, but you can attend all the hash activities and get unlimited beer all weekend! So CUM out!

Voodoo Monkey info hereClick Me!

Hare(s): Crack-a-toe-a, Rough MasturBeartion

What to bring: $1 and a 6 pack. If you think you’re gonna drink a case or two. Bring that. We’ll have extra ice and ice chest.

Time: 6:30 show! 7:00pm Go! 

Beer Hare: Pussy Whisker:

RA: Pussy Whisker with Special Guest Cocktor Spork

Start: Chuck’s 510 Gravier St New Orleans, LA 70130

On-After: Randomness

Theme: Voodoo

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