Trail #712 – Miss Y’all

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Hare: CUM muter ⚰️

Start: Irby Field Parking Lot in City Park, close to corner of Irby Avenue & Victory Avenue.

Trail will be ready to solve by 9 AM!
This is a dead lay with restrictions!

No chalk talk!
No beer near!
BUT what we WILL have is 3.5 m of well laid awesomeness and an excuse for you to get outdoors and get some exercise!

Circle on Zoom at 8:30 PM. Link will be posted on Thursday.

Please limit it to 3 people solving trail at a time! Karens are watching, so please stick to this “rule”. Please do not kick the checks so that others can get a chance to actually solve trail.

Post the time that you plan on doing trail below. When you are done, post a picture on Voodoo FB page of your celebratory down down and join us on the Zoom ⭕️. Miss y’all bunches!!! ON ON!!

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