Trail #709 – Hide the Eggs!

Happy Easter y’all. Anyone else feel like they’ve been stuck behind a rock?

This week will be a geo-hashing trail! I have done the Lord’s bidding and hidden eggs around town. When trail goes live at 6pm, I will send out the coordinates of the eggs. Head to the closest egg location and start searching. When you find an egg, post a selfie with it, and the your location on the fb trail post. Found locations will be marked off as people post. Be sure to also use your favorite gps app to show us your route.

Trail will be finding 3. If you’re pairing up with someone you can share the eggs you find. If you come across other hashers on trail please leave room for Jesus (stay at least half a crucifix away), and don’t r*n in groups of more than two, unless you want to meet your maker.

Bring: a six-pack, your phone, and a flashlight

Date: Thursday, April 9th

Time: 5:45 Show, 6pm go, Zoom circle at 8:30pm (early start time to give you more daylight, and later Zoom start to give you time to get home if your don’t live in the area)

Theme: Hide the Eggs! Wear your Sunday/bunny best.

Start: Anywhere in the upper 5th/7th wards. If you live in this area, start is your house. If not choose a spot on the edge of one of these boundaries.

All eggs will be within these points:
Northern boundary – Robert E Lee
Eastern boundary – St. Anthony
Southern boundary – City Park drive, De Saix Blvd, Gentilly Blvd.
Western boundary – Marconi drive

Hare: Roman Showers

Pre-Lube/On-After: Your house.
BN will be at your 2nd egg stop,

Trail is A to A, A to B, etc./Approx. -l-l-l–> length:
Trail is what you make of it this week. Length and route will depend on which GPS coordinates you choose, which ones are still available, and where you want to start/finish.

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