Trail # 548 – Luchador Championship Challenge – Cockness Monster, KW3, Fuck a Bear, Quesa Did Her, and Shitler’s List

Luchador Championship Challenge – Think you’re tough?  Hablas Espanol?  Think you can beat the best?  Then come to the Voodoo Hash and test your wrestling mettle against 6, that’s right! 6 Luchadors.  Each Luchador has their own special challenge.  You must win 5 matches to qualify for the final Battle for the Belt!  Yes, the grand prize is a championship wrestling belt.  Come out in mask and tights to give your all and prove your worthiness.

Challenge Rules:
*First and foremost only runners can challenge a luchador, or if you’re in theme aka a mask and/or wrestling outfit. However if you walk you may miss a challenge.
*Can’t zen to win. The luchadores can deny your challenge if you zen, IME!
*Each Luchador will have a token to be earned by completing a challenge.
*Each luchador will have their own challenge and rules.
*You must receive 5 tokens before you qualify for the final Match, earned by any means necessary.
*Any person with a token can also use them to sub any walker or none themed hasher for drinking and punishment in circle.
*Final match will be at circle.
*Lastly, its man drama wrestling so bending the rules are acceptable behavior, as long as it is overly dramatic. Master Of Ceremonies has final say in all matches.

Bring: $1 (no coins), Vessel – WE PROVIDE THE BEER THIS WEEK! Flashlight, Whistle

Start and End: Field at Toulouse and N Jefferson Davis parkway 3534 Toulouse St, New Orleans, LA 70119

Pre-lube and On After: Bayou Beer Garden/Wine Garden 326 N Jefferson Davis Pkwy, New Orleans, LA 70119

(Hares) Luchador liebres – Monstruo de Pollo Ness, K. Piqueñito Piqueñito, Sexo Oso, Meirda Hitler, y Quesa-hizo ella.

(Beer Hare) Luchadora liebres Cerveza –  Coño Bigote

(Master of Ceremonies) Luchador Locutor – Que Calentar

Bring a change of clothes for true challengers!

Dog Friendly enough

Trail is A-A, 3 mile TT with 5 challenges

Prepare for weather

Hash Announcements

Mismangement Nominations are OPEN!  Email your Nominations to by Friday!

Erections will be at the June 8th Trail

Nola Full Moon Trail is June 9th

NOH3 Red Dress Run – August 12 – Rego Here! 

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