Trail # 494 – Wiwi vs Slits: Battle of the Sexes – Kiwi Wiwi and Banana Slit


The time has come, it is the have VS the have nots.  Innies Vs outies, cocks VS pussys.  Celebrating the anniversary of the first battle of Wiwi VS Slit.  That’s right “ladies” and “gentlemen” we are reigniting the gender wars.  Feel free to identify however you want (we don’t care what you identify as, just cum!) and prepare for the battle of the week.

Bring: $1 (no coins please) 6 pk, flashlight, whistle

Start:  Mickey Markey Playground 700 Piety St, New Orleans, LA 70117

Hare and Co-Hares: Banana Slit and KW3

Beer Hare: Fucked by Mapquest

Pre-Lube Location: Markey’s Bar 640 Louisa St, New Orleans, LA 70117

On-After Location: Country Club 634 Louisa St, New Orleans, LA 70117  $8 to use the pool and restaurant open until 9 pm.

Dog Friendly?: The trail, yes. The bars, no.

Is a dry bag, shiggy gear or anything specific needed for trail? Swimsuit for the Country Club. Or trail, whatever.

Any specific info the pack may need? (shiggy, long trail, water shoes, dry bag etc): Towel if you’re swimming

Approximate Length of True Trail: (does not include YBFs, Checks etc) about 4 miles.

Trail is A to A, A to B, etc: A to A

Hash Announcements:

Awards are this week, June 30th! Come get your cool voodoo swag! You earned it. 

Alabama Interhash (Cleveland, AL) August 5 – 7, 2016  The ultimate NOLA RDR Prelube event! Rego Here!

NOH 3 Red Dress Run Rego is Now OPEN. Rego Here!

Mobile Red Dress Run October 7-9th Rego Here!

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