Trail # 452 – Sesame Street and All Children’s Programs! Cockness Monster & Burns With Desire


c is for cookie

The letter of the day is “F” and the number of the day is “0”.    Can you use a word that begins with the letter “F”? I think you can, how about “Fuck you”, “Fuck yourself”, alliterate with “Fingering Fucking Females for Fun”, or mine will be both the number and letter “0” “F”ucks given.   I know hashers are as dumb as fucking toddler’s high on Flakka, but I think a few of you may manage to surpass your intellectual failings.  So come down to the street were grown adults fist fuck puppets, and talk in strange voices.

Come as any character from a children’s program:  Sesame Street, Barney, Teletubies, Howdy Dowdy, Lamb Chop, Mr. Rogers, Reading Rainbow, Blue Peter, Blues Clues, Captain Kangaroo, Yo Gabba Gabba (Please someone do that one), etc etc etc.  Doofus I expect something epic from you and your minions.  Zombie versions are acceptable and encouraged.

One last thing, bring money for the Mortuary I have a stack of $5 discounts coupons (get them at Dominoes) or you may be able to donate a pint of blood and get a few of us in for free and/or fastpass not sure exact details because it is not on their website.

“0”n “F”ucking “0”n.

Bring: $1 (no coins please),  a 6-pack , flashlight, & whistle. Water for you and your pups! Extra money for the Mortuary

Date: Thursday, October 29, 2015 6:30 pm meet, 7:00 pm Go! (next week!)

Theme: Sesame Street and All Children’s Programs

Hares (s): Cockness Monster & Burns With Desire

Beer Hare: Virgin Mother

Start: Bulldog Mid-City, parking lot

Prelube: Bulldog Mid-City, 5135 Canal Blvd, New Orleans LA 70124

On-After: Beach Corner a block from the Mortuary. 4905 Canal St. NOLA 70124

Dog/Stroller Friendly: NO.

Is a dry bag, shiggy gear or anything specific needed for trail? There will be some shiggy, climbing, tight passages.  May get a few tears in your clothing and stains on your costumes.

Any specific info the pack may need? Money for the Mortuary!! ($25) Closes at 1030 or until the last people are thru.

Approximate True Trail Length (does not include YBFs, checks etc): 3-4 miles, short trail.

Hash Announcements

Upcoming Themes –  November 1, Black Dress Run

Hareraising:  The next Hareraising date for December, January & February will be November 11th at noon. More info about the process will be posted on FB or feel free to message Texticle Teaser. Virgin Hares welcome

Voodoo MM Erections – 
Date TBA but at the holiday party in December, so if you are interested in running start talking to MM about position descriptions etc.


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