The hash is a drinking club with a running problem, so feel free to drink and run. However, we do not support drinking and driving so have a designated driver, call a cab or plan ahead to get home safely if you have been drinking - there are more fun ways to get to play with handcuffs. We hash EVERY Thursday night at 7, rain or shine, CST or CDT. So bring a dollar and a six-pack of beer, and join us for the fun!

Make sure to also bring a whistle, a flashlight (it helps), and a sense of humor. For slightly more info, read about the VooDoo.

Trail #474 – It’s Holi Bitches! – Irish Goodbye, In the Kitchen, Petrified Wood, & Burns with Desire

  It’s Holi bitches! The Indian festival of Colours and Love. So come say your Irish Goodbye to winter and get some spring love In the Kitchen with Petrified Wood as it Burns with Desire while you yak-a-lot, Sir! Ring in Spring with a proper celebration at Irish Goodbye’s virgin lay! See y’all wankers and […]

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Trail # 473 – Leprechaun – Scouts On Her & Burns with Desire

Try to keep your kilt down and your beverage up to celebrate the true meaning of the holiday, drunkenness! You might get the luck of the Irish in trail… Or it’s just more booze. Bring: $1 (no coins) 6-Pack, whistle, flashlight Date: Thursday, March 17th  6:30 show, 7 pm Go! Theme: Leprechaun Leprechaun Leprechaun: it’s St. […]

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Trail # 460 – Onsies & Skivvies! Just Alexis (virgin lay!), Burns with Desire & Urine Circle

It’s Louisiana and of course our weather is a bit…,  especially in “winter” so come dressed in your holiday onesies or come out in your skimpiest skivvies and show mother nature you can handle what she’s got! Bring: $1 (no coins please),  a 6-pack , flashlight, & whistle. Date: Thursday, December 17, 2015 6:30 pm meet, 7:00 […]


Trail # 452 – Sesame Street and All Children’s Programs! Cockness Monster & Burns With Desire

  The letter of the day is “F” and the number of the day is “0”.    Can you use a word that begins with the letter “F”? I think you can, how about “Fuck you”, “Fuck yourself”, alliterate with “Fingering Fucking Females for Fun”, or mine will be both the number and letter “0” “F”ucks […]

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