Trail #393 – War of the Worlds! Kiwi Wee Wee, Cockness Monster & Motherload

tripod hash

War of the Worlds: Attack of the Tripods. An alien invasion has started in New Orleans and your goal is to survive. Tri not to get caught and brutally murdered by these strange, savage, and god like creatures from another world. If caught you will be probed ruthlessly and filled with their strange alien fluids to dissolve you from the inside. Tri to outrun, and outsmart these creatures whose mark of passing looks like lizard tracks. These colossal tri-legged beast are on the hunt to fill human holes like a bowling ball. Tri to avoid there ray guns.

The rules are: Should you get caught you will have to down a beer/shoot/or other liquids before continuing on to the safety zones. Getting caught means either catching you or spray you with our ray guns.

(Hareraiser note: Things may be spewing so may not want to wear that vintage irreplaceable hash shirt if it’s a concern)

Bring: $1 (no coins please), 6 pk of what you are drinking or more, flashlight, whistle.

Date: Thursday, October23, 2014. 6:30 pm meet, 7:00 pm GO!

Theme: War of the Worlds

Hares: Kiwi Wee Wee, Cockness Monster, Motherload

Beer Hare: Cooter Webs

Start: 7538 Maple St, NOLA 70118

Pre-Lube: Bruno’s, 7538 Maple St.

On-After: Madigan’s, 800 S. Carrollton Ave, NOLA 70118

Dog Friendly?: Not in bars but should be fine for trail

Is a dry bag, shiggy gear or anything specific needed for trail? No

Hash Announcements:

Voodoo Monkey IV –Rego is closed!  November 21-23
Regoes for sale on the Facebook Event.

Voodoo Happi Coats – Want a nifty Purple and Black Voodoo Happi Coat to put your patches on? We are taking pre-orders now for the next order of coats (we need a minimum of 12) $40 cash only paid in advance. See Under Cummer for more info. (sizes are Asian so definitely try on someone’s to get a good idea of sizing).


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