#261 Workin’ Out for the Weekend

6:30 show, 7:00 Hares are Gay (GO!).

Bring: $1 and a 6 pack.  Spandex.  Bright colors.  Other 80s crap.

Theme: 80’s aerobics. bust out those neon short shorts and headbands cause we’re gonna be sweating like Richard Simmons, with all the crack and Buttsex you can handle.

Start: Wally World on Tchop

Hares: Honkey Dong & Fried Chicken Snatch

Beer hare: Last Action Queer-Oh or Ass Burglar whoever wins in a fight to the death before the start….or something.

Hare Lies: pet friendly no shiggy this time I dont want to be stung by a motherfucking pack of wasps again…..

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