More xmas party info

A message from Tidy Bowl Man:

By popular demand… and with kindness and consideration to All! We are going to Celebrate Christmas with Ethnicity! So, it is a bring an Ethnic Dish of your choice to share… and perhaps a beverage to match it or AT LEAST something that you like. (B.Y.O.E.) E= Everything that you need… drinks, plates etc. (I will provide some, don’t count on many) I will also bring some wine/beer. YOU SHOULD TOO! HINT, HINT, HINT.

If you don’t Celebrate Christmas, you are certainly welcome, don’t be silly! I don’t care what you celebrate, just celebrate and be polite to others!

AS USUAL, WE WILL DO OUR ANNUAL WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT EXCHANGE AND THAT MEANS YOU CAN PLAY IF YOU BRING A GIFT. (YES, I WILL BE RUNNING THE GAME, AS USUAL.) For those not familiar with the game: you bring something that you already have that can still be used by someone else…worthy, and that you don’t want to throw away, but you don’t want to keep. I don’t care how you wrap it, just do it. It is usually very fun… a little different then other versions.

Adults and Hashers welcome… Don’t bring your kids.

(NO BODY EATS GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE, SO FORGET IT!) Please be creative, this is Food and Fun! If you don’t want to cook, buy it and bring it along.. must already be prepared, please.

If you need the address, check Facebook or the calendar.

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