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Holy shit in the mouth hashers! It’s finally here! For everyone who came to me and said… “Here is $20, but what the fuck is a Voodoo Monkey??” Well, the wait is over. I’m not going to string anyone along anymore! Well, I’m not going to string anyone as far as the Voodoo Monkey is concerned anyways.

We have beer. We have t-shirts. We have beer. We have patches. We have beer. We have brass monkeys. Did I mention we have beer? We have 2 pub crawls and 2 hashes for Voodoo Monkey weekend planned! We have 111 hashers who pre-registered, and already have at least a dozen more who will pay cash, the day of. Get your livers ready! It’s going to be the best time you won’t remember. I take that back. There is one part you will remember. That will be the trail on Saturday. It’s the best fucking trail ever!

Who knew so much would cum out of Ms. Texas Interhash calling for phone sex on a Sunday night???? Shit like this is why you cuddle and talk afterwards!

The Themes!
Friday Night: Mardi Gras! Make a trip up to your attic and get some beads! Harrierettes should earn their beads that night. (wink wink)
Saturday Night: Old Western! Burlesque, Cowboys, John Wayne

Everything else!
2pm NOLA Brew Tour
3:30pm – 6pm Hotel Bar / Tropical Isle (<----Registration at hotel / Food and hang grenades at Tropical Isle) Pub Crawl Numbero Uno
Hares: Donnie the Retard & Princess Lay-ya
6:00 – 7:30 Molly’s on Toulouse.
7:30 – 9:00 Lafite’s in Exile
9- 10:30 Turtle Bay <---Special Shout out to NOH3 for making this their Friday night social! 10:30 - 12 The street outside of Pat O's (Hurricane), Yo Mamma's (Best Burger in the city nom nom nom nom), Boondock Saints (cheap beer). On - After. The beach (On-On to ride a fucking whale Bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Map

Pre-Lube: 10am – Cafe Du Monde for Beignets
Hares: Everything Butt Sex and Easy to Please
Theme: Someone else’s hash attire.
Time: 11am Show – 11:30 GO! (Also late Registration)
Where: 613 St. Phillip. Map
Everyone on trail should bring something to donate at Marie Laveau’s plot for trail. Pennies, beads, chicken bones, etc….. It’s tradition to use chalk to mark her plot with an XXX.

3pm-6pm… Free time.

Saturday Night.
Pub crawl Numbero Dos
Hares: Cocktor Spork & Chum Dumpster
6:00 – 7:30 Molly’s at the Market
7:30 – 9:00 R Bar
9:00 – 10:30 The John
10:30 – 12 Maison
On-after Frenchmen Street

Hangover Hash.
When: 11am
Where: Outside the front door of the St. Marie hotel
Mission: Theme for the Hangover Hash is simple. Bring something tangible that you have a story about from the weekend, or something that you think represents The Voodoo Monkey Weekend.

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